Want to reinforce your reputation as your clients’ trusted expert and advisor? Wish it was easy to stay in touch with them and offer up fresh, insightful content and updates? Want to easily send property updates, news of an open house or a quick article you know they’ll find engaging?

Now you can.

REmessenger makes it easy for you to leverage award-winning content to create useful and compelling newsletters and flyers for your clients. All you have to do is drag and drop to take advantage of our rich library of content. So you can stay in touch with valuable information — and build your business at the same time.


Forget writer’s block. REmessenger makes it easy to create newsletters and flyers that feature current, targeted content that’s perfect for your clients.

Powerful and easy to use. Simply unbeatable

Expert Content: REmessenger features premium content from Inman News, the leading source for independent news and information about real estate. It’s like having a staff of 20 writers working for you.

Flexible: Use all our content, or mix in your own listings and local insights. Be as creative as you want — and watch your readership and client engagement grow.

Easy: Putting together a newsletter or flyer is as simple as dragging and dropping. All you need to do is to decide which articles to include.

Useful: Publicize your listings and open houses with REmessenger’s specially designed online templates just for property updates

Permanent: Every REmessenger newsletter and flyer comes with a free permanent URL, ensuring that your clients can see your content with any web browser — and you can share your newsletters whenever you want.

Compatible: Are you a blogger? It’s easy to incorporate your site’s content into any REmessenger newsletter. Just link your REmessenger account to your blog’s RSS feed, and drag and drop your own articles into any newsletter.


Ever wished you could easily share your content via social media? REmessenger makes it possible for your clients to share your insights with the world, on Facebook and Twitter.

Send your expertise everywhere.

Social: Link up your Facebook and Twitter accounts with REmessenger, and instantly share your newsletters and flyers.

Analytical: Track activity via REmessenger’s built-in social analytics. See your top Twitter followers and their Klout scores, and know who’s re-tweeted your content.

Automatic: Once you create your newsletter or flyer, REmessenger automatically creates a Facebook post and Tweet for you, using the subject line of your message.


Even if you’re not an analytics whiz, REmessenger’s easy to read stats will make simple to assess the success of your campaigns.

Integrated: Built-in analytics allow you to track opens, clicks and responses for each newsletter and flyer you send.

Insightful: See your top Twitter followers, Klout scores and latest re-tweeters.


Once you upload your contacts, REmessenger takes care of the rest. You can track your contacts, manage unsubscribes, segment your audience and more.