Frequently Asked Questions


1.  What is REmessenger?

REmessenger is an easy-to-use online newsletter and flyer tool from SocialTouch, and utilizes content licenced from Inman News, the premier source of news and information in real estate. Use it to create professional newsletters and flyers that you can distribute online via email or social media, like Facebook and Twitter.

REmessenger is unique in the industry, because you can use articles and other content from Inman.com to populate your newsletter. You are combining Inman’s content with your own. Your content can include items such as listings, open houses or local insights. This combination enables you to quickly produce and distribute professionally written, useful and insightful newsletters and flyers for your clients.

2.  What is the benefit of using REmessenger over other online newsletter services?

The biggest benefit of using REmessenger is that you have instant access to thousands of professionally written articles from Inman News, the leading source for real estate news and information. You’ll never have writer’s block again. REmessenger is also integrated with social media, so you can take advantage of your social marketing efforts.

Other newsletter and email services either require you to write all of your own content, design and code your message in HTML, or offer out of date content.

And did we mention that REmessenger is incredibly easy to use?

3.  What is the difference between an online newsletter and an email newsletter?

The primary difference between an REmessenger online newsletter and a regular email newsletter is that REmessenger’s newsletters are thoroughly integrated with social media. That makes it easy to track what happens to your newsletters in terms of who has opened them and what your readers do with your content by using REmessenger’s analytics. Finally, REmessenger’s online newsletters are created entirely online using an intuitive drag and drop interface.

A traditional email newsletter often requires hand coding in HTML (if you are sending a branded email). Depending on which service you use to send your email newsletter, you may or may not have access to analytics. Or, if you send your newsletter using your email client (e.g., Outlook or Entourage) it is nearly impossible for you to tell what your clients are doing with your newsletters.

4.  Why should I send a Social Flyer?

You can use REmessenger flyers to tell your clients about a new listing or an open house. A flyer is perfect for presenting information at a moment in time. Think of a flyer as a news alert just for Realtors.

5.  Why should I send a Newsletter?

Many industry studies show that Realtors® who stay in touch with their clients via regular outbound communications (translation: newsletters and flyers) tend to do more business than those that do not. REmessenger makes it easy to connect with your clients and give them useful information at the same time.

6.  What's the difference between a Social Flyer and a Newsletter?

An REmessenger social flyer can be used to send a listing or open-house announcement to your clients via email or social media. Typically, a social flyer is a one-subject communication to your clients.

An REmessenger newsletter can contain 5-9 stories, as well as original content that you create. It can also contain only your content. Any way you use it, REmessenger enables you to create and send professional newsletters and flyers instantly.

7.  Where is the content for REmessenger coming from?

The content available in REmessenger is licenced from Inman.com, the leading source of real estate news and information on the web.

How can I use REmessenger?

1.  How do I know if people are really receiving my online newsletter?

It's easy. Simply check out your analytics to see how your newsletters and flyers are performing. From your Dashboard, you can easily see a number of overview charts. Or go to the Messages list, and click to view the Reports for a specific Message.

2.  Can I add my photo and logo to the online newsletter?

Yes. Simply visit your Account section then follow the links to upload your picture and logo. You can upload a JPEG or GIF.

3.  Is there a free trial period?

You can use REmessenger for free as long as you like. There is no expiration date. However, usage limits apply that restrict the number of Messages you can send in each 12 month period, and the number of Contacts you can have on your Contact Lists.

4.  How much is REmessenger?

REmessenger offers several pricing plans for agents, ranging from $199 to $399+ per year. Please see our Plans and Pricing page.

5.  Can I add in my own content to the online newsletter (i.e., blog content)?

Yes. It is possible to link REmessenger to the RSS feed on your blog, so that you can choose articles you have written and easily drop them into your newsletters. To do so you will need a Professional Level Account or above. Go to your Account section and select “Blog Feed” to see if there is a feed already configured. If not please contact Support to arrange for your blog feed to be connected to your REmessenger acccount.

6.  Can I print this online newsletter?

All REmessenger newsletters and flyers can be printed on a regular office printer, just like any other web page or document. However, because REmessenger newsletters and flyers are intentionally created for display on computers and mobile devices, they will not print clearly if printed on an offset press. In other words, you should not print REmessenger newsletters and use them as a traditional direct mail piece.

7.  How often should I send an online newsletter?

We suggest sending a monthly newsletter to your clients.

8.  What if someone unsubscribes? How do I remove them from my contact list? Am I notified?

If a user unsubscribes from one of your flyers or newsletters, REmessenger automatically handles it. Your contact won’t be deleted from your list. But you will no longer be able to send them newsletters or flyers.

9.  Can I add featured properties to my online newsletter? Is there a limit to the number I could add?

Absolutely! To add listings to your newsletters or flyers, start by uploading them into REmessenger. Simply click “Manage Properties” then “Add Property” and enter the details. Your property will then be added to your library, and you can add it to any flyer or newsletter you create. You can add as many properties as you like.

10. How do I add content to my online newsletter?

Once you’re logged into REmessenger you can either create a new newsletter or edit one that you have already created. In either case, it’s as simple as dragging and dropping content into a pre-defined template. If you want to add your own content, simply choose a free-form text block and drag it into the template. Then start typing. If you have uploaded listings into your library of content, you can easily select from your list then drag them into the template.

11. How do I import my contacts into REmessenger?

You can import Contacts from Excel or a CSV - comma delimited file. There is more information including tutorial videos on these pages:

Import Contacts from Excel files

Import contacts from a CSV (comma delimited file)

12. Is REmessenger compatible with PCs and Macs?

Yes. REmessenger is compatible with any computer that can display a web page or email. That’s why it also works on mobile devices, such as iPhones and Android phones.

It's a good idea to use the latest version of your web browser to ensure the best possible experience and security.

13. Can I use REmessenger in Outlook?

REmessenger is a comprehensive online service. It’s not associated with any email program, such as Outlook or Entourage.

14. Do I have to be a member of Facebook or Twitter to use REmessenger?

No, but being a member of Facebook and Twitter will amplify the reach of your newsletters and flyers. If you’re not a member of either service, your clients will still receive your newsletters and flyers in their email.

There is more information on connecting your Facebook and Twitter accounts to REmessenger, including tutorial videos, on these pages:

Connecting your Twitter account to REmessenger

Connecting your Facebook account and Pages to REmessenger

15. How do I create an online newsletter?

To create an online newsletter using REmessenger, you must login, then create a newsletter by clicking the button “create newsletter.” From there, you will be guided through a simple, intuitive interface that will enable you to select which news articles to include in your newsletter. You will also have the opportunity to add your own content. Then hit preview to ensure you like the results. Finally, hit send to instantly distribute your newsletter to the contacts you have loaded into REmessenger. Please see the following pages for more information:

How to create a 'Social Flyer: New Property Listing'
Perfect for sending information about individual, new property listings to potential buyers.

How to create a 'Social Flyer: Open House'
Very useful for promoting upcoming open house sessions to potential buyers.

How to create a 'Real Estate News Bulletin'
A quick bulletin, perfect for sending out a single news item that might be of interest and value to your clients

How to create a 'Real Estate and Property News Newsletter'
A full newsletter which can include listings, notices and multiple news stories.

Who is Inman?

1.  What is Inman News?

Inman News is the leading source of independent real estate news, information, advice, research, opinion and commentary for industry professionals and consumers alike. You can visit their site at http://inman.com.

2.  How is REmessenger affiliated with Inman News?

REmessenger is product developed and managed by SocialTouch LLC, using news content licenced from Inman News, the leading source of news and information for real estate.

Customer Service

1.  What is our Privacy Policy?

We take your privacy very seriously. We will never rent or sell your information to any third parties. We only use the information we collect from you to convey your order information or to send you e-mail notifications at your request.

3.  How do I change my profile information, email, or password?

Sign in to your account and click “Account” link at the top of the page or click here.

4.  I am having difficulty signing in.

You can retrieve your username and password by clicking here. Sign in information will be sent to the email address you originally signed up with.


1.  How many online newsletters and flyers can I send out a month?

The number of newsletters you can send a month depends on your level of membership.

Please see our pricing and plans for more information.

2.  I'm a broker, and I want to use REmessenger. How do I sign up?

Inman has special pricing and plans for brokers and enterprises that want to use REmessenger. You can even white-label REmessenger to build our technology into your infrastructure. Plans begin at $199 per month. Please contact our sales team.

3.  How much does REmessenger cost?

REmessenger membership plans begin at $199 a year, up to our Enterprise Subscriptions starting at $399. Check out our plans on the REmessenger Store.